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Join me in my world of fantasy, paranormal, adventure with a bit of romance.

There's more to come.


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An anthology to support the children of Ukraine

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About Author J.C. Seal

Born in 1972, J.C. grew up in (West) Germany. The moment she learned to read, she preferred to spend her afternoons in the company of a good book. In secret, she often read under the covers with a flashlight well past bedtime. She especially loved reading all kinds of fantasy books, and quite often the tale continued inside her head even after the book was already finished.

At the age of 16, she spent a year as an exchange student in the US, where she discovered her love for English books. Upon her return to Germany, she never stopped reading in English, despite the difficulties in obtaining English print copies.

Today, reading is still one of J.C.’s favorite pastimes, but writing has become increasingly important since she published her first novel in March 2019. She enjoys the process of letting her inner child roam free to dream up stories, paired with the focus and expertise of an adult to put it all on paper.

What else is there to know? She’s a nerd, left-handed, and too short to reach the upper shelves when shopping. She’s good at remembering faces, but never ask her for a name … she won’t recall, except if it’s a character in a book :-)

About Me
Sand Dunes


A Mermaid's Tail

A Mermaid's Tail is, the latest novel
in my Angels and Demons universe!

Available on kindle, KU, paperback and hardcover.


Will saving her love destroy Verena’s future?

~ A shocking secret and a warning message to the past leaves teenage Mermaid-Angel Verena stranded in Egypt long before her time, right in the middle of a war against Persian occupation.

~Without hope of returning home, she tries to protect the message’s recipient from a horrible fate without destroying her own future.

~Falling in love complicates matters. Will she be able to protect the timeline and her heart, or will she be forced to make an impossible choice?

Current WIP
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