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Join me in my world of fantasy, paranormal, adventure with a bit of romance.

There's more to come.


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Coven Tales: I Confess:
A Collection of Witchcraft and Magic - OUT NOW


About Author J.C. Seal

Hi, I'm Janina Carol (J.C.) Seal

About me?

Oh … yes … I’m supposed to introduce myself.

I’m J.C. Seal. Well, the part of me that’s writing books, that is. I started writing in October 2018, so basically, I’m still a toddler.

I usually talk with my hands as well as my mouth, so you’ll see lots of emojis in my texts if you follow me on social media.

My boring, introverted other half is currently (2021) 49 years old, works as lab technician in cancer research, is married for 20 years now, has a 16 years old daughter and a 20 years old tomcat. We live in Germany, in a townhouse in the beautiful city of Freiburg. That’s close to Switzerland and France.

What else should you know about me? I’m a nerd, I’m left-handed and too short to reach the upper shelves when I go shopping. I’m good at remembering faces, but never ask me for a name … I won’t recall, except if it’s a character in a book :-)

About Me
VirginsCurse_Cover_seal wings2_final3_E1



Virgin's Curse, the next novel in my Angels and Demons universe!

Available on kindle, KU, paperback and hardcover.


In this standalone book playing in my Angels and Demons universe, the MC is a human woman.

Cursed in her teens, Elena Cadaval has led a secluded, lonely life, dedicated to finding a cure to her aliment. Studying History and Archaeology, she always hoped she might discover the source of the curse one day. When she gets offered the Professorship for Archaeology at the University in Athens, she meets her assistant, the mysterious Cas Timaeus. While he tries to unravel the curse, she gets drawn into a world beyond her imagination … Will his support help her unravel the mystery surrounding the curse, or will Cas’s own, shocking secrets shatter her beliefs and send her to her doom?

Current WIP
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